Evolution of Leadership

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In the New Normal, leadership based on position power is often counter-productive. The new paradigm is Collaborative Leadership informed by Collective Intelligence.


A new leadership generation has harnessed history. Here is “A Rap to Remember” a defining moment that will echo in eternity. The kids want answers, not fancy dancers; They’re lookin’ for a hero,  that’s when she showed – stoppin’ the jive, savin’ some lives; You know the score, been there before, […]

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A New Generation of Leaders is Rising: The Future Is In Good Hands

How is leadership evolving? Look closely at the values of the New Generation of Leaders for the answer. “Just as history shapes generations, so do generations shape history.” ~ Generation Waking Up A New Generation of Leaders Is Nudging History The March for Our Lives organized by survivors of the […]


Faster, Smarter Strategic Action requires a fully integrated approach. The GEO System™ achieves this with a seamless set of principles, processes, and tools.  GEO System™ for Delivering Faster, Smarter Strategic Action The New Normal has created unprecedented challenges in four dimensions— strategy, execution, speed, and engagement. The intensity and pervasiveness of these challenges are […]

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A Brief History of Systems Thinking

The prevailing paradigm for thinking, planning, and problem solving has been around for hundreds of years. It is known as “Analysis” and it emerged in the 1400s as part of the last great paradigm shift, which was the Copernican revolution in science. The essence of Analysis is reductionism: analyze things […]