Cardinal Rule #3 – Expedite Execution

EXPEDITE EXECUTION | New Normal Leadership Practice 3 | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell

Cardinal Rule #3 for New Normal Leadership is EXPEDITE EXECUTION. The purpose is to meet the biggest challenge for leadership in the New Normal: Time Compression. What used to take months and years, now occurs in days and hours. How fast do you need to execute? The answer is simple: faster than the rate of change.

Measure What Matters

Are you measuring what matters Here is a 2-minute explanation of WHY measuring up matters and HOW the best of the best do it. *Excerpt from Fareed Zakaria GPS interview with Silicon Valley icon John Doerr

If Measuring Matters, What Should you Measure

EXPEDITE EXECUTION_Align Around A Seamless Action

EXPEDITE EXECUTION: Align Around A Seamless Action Architecture

In our warp-speed world, LAGGARDS LOSE. The more time you take to execute, the lower your probability of success. Whether you are a seasoned leader at the top or an emerging leader on the way up, executing effectively is paramount. If you have concerns in this area, you’re not alone. […]