Cardinal Rule #1 – Think Together

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Cardinal Rule #1 is THINK TOGETHER. The purpose is to achieve smarter strategic thinking and energized engagement by tapping Collective Intelligence.

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THINK TOGETHER: How Prediction Markets Ensure Better Forecasting

A Prediction Market is a technology-enabled way to tap and synthesize the inspired hunches and informed guesses of a vast audience for better forecasting. “Forecasting” is a process that helps leaders deal with the uncertainties of the future. The problem with traditional approaches — analyzing past data and current trends — is […]

THINK TOGETHER: Foster Frequent Forethought for Smart Strategic Thinking

In the New Normal, smart strategic thinking requires FORETHOUGHT that is deeper, broader and more FREQUENT than ever before. The Bar for Forethought Is Rising  When circumstances can change in the twinkling of an electronic eye, Forethought is essential. This is a well-known fact. The world’s foremost experts on leadership, Jim […]

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