Three Keys to Thriving in the New Normal

The NEW NORMAL is VUCA — Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. Understanding what is happening and how to thrive in the New Normal is critical for leaders at every level. A Perfect Storm In October 1991, there was a ‘perfect storm’ in the north Atlantic. A buoy off the coast of […]

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GEO System for Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell

GEO SYSTEM™ for Leading Faster, Smarter Strategic Action

Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal requires a fully integrated approach. The GEO System™ achieves this with a seamless set of principles, processes, and leadership practices.    Leading Strategic Action: Sustaining Success Is No Mean Feat Almost every leader today faces a daunting task: sustaining success in a complex, rapidly […]

About Leland Russell

ABOUT LELAND RUSSELL Leland is a Knowledge Navigator and Strategic Advisor for Leadership in the New Normal. GEO Group Strategic Services, the firm Leland founded in 1991, has a stellar performance track record with Fortune 500 organizations, mid-size firms, and non-profits. GEO”s typical clients are leaders and mission-critical teams. Watch […]

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