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How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Smarter Strategic Thinking

The many are smarter than the few. That is why top leaders tap the COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE of large, diverse groups for smarter strategic thinking. Many leaders today are concerned about the shortfalls in traditional strategic thinking. Consider these startling statistics: 52% of leaders are not confident in their company’s strategy […]

COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE | The many are smarter than the few | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell Insights

DECIDE DYNAMICALLY | Jet Pilot | Speed of Interacaion with your environment |

OODA Loop: How The Pilots Make Faster, Smarter Decisions

A critical leadership practice for the New Normal is the ability to recognize new circumstances and quickly shift your perspective. John Boyd personified this skill and it made him a perennial winner in his field. Boyd revolutionized the methods of every air force in the world with his “bible” of air combat. […]

UNLOCK TRUST: Three Characteristics of Trustworthy Leaders

In his interview on the radio show, “Trust Across America, Trust Around the World, ” Leland Russell explains the 3 characteristics of trustworthy leaders, some of the signals of mistrust, and how leaders build trust by being transparent. Leland Russell Radio Interview on “Trust Across America, Trust Around the World […]

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