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“Think Strategically” Mindset: Setting the Destination for Strategic Action

Leading Strategic Action begins with the “Think Strategically” mindset. Watch this 2-minute video to see if you have this mindset.   If you would like to know how we implement the “Think Strategically” Mindset by Tapping Collective Intelligence with our collaboration technology, let’s connect. MEET LELAND IN ONE MINUTE (video) © […]

Strategic Thinking Mindset for Winning in the New Normal |

Cardinal Rule #6 | CULTIVATE Culture |

CULTIVATE CULTURE: 6 Essential Characteristics for 21st Century Organizational Cultures

The FUTURE IS NOT AN OPTIONAL EVENT. Everyone will attend. Who will be the WINNERS? It will be those who have GLOBAL EYES that see the whole;  who meet the challenge of TIME COMPRESSION; who deal with DANGERS proactively; who seize OPPORTUNITES with confidence; who tap COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE to make smart […]

Foster Frequent Forethought for Smart Strategic Thinking

In the New Normal, smart strategic thinking requires FORETHOUGHT that is deeper, broader and more FREQUENT than ever before. The Bar for Forethought Is Rising  When circumstances can change in the twinkling of an electronic eye, Forethought is essential. This is a well-known fact. The world’s foremost experts on leadership, Jim […]

FORETHOUGHT: How to Be First to the Future | LELANDRUSSELL.COM