Focus Sharply

Leverage Points: The Key to Resource Management “Magic”

What was the resource management “magic” that allowed a small PR team — one-third the size its primary rival — to sweep the Academy Awards? A strategy focused  on LEVERAGE POINTS is a “magical” antidote to resource limitations. In our strategy execution work with a wide range of leaders, there has […]

Asymmetrical Actions: A Sure-Fire Solution for Success in the New Normal

Strategy Execution is a critical 21st Century Leadership challenge. This essay explains a sure-fire solution for overwhelming it. Do you recall the story of Sisyphus, condemned by the Greek god Zeus to endlessly repeat a futile effort. He would push a backbreaking boulder up a hill, but as soon as […]

Measure What Matters

Are you measuring what matters Here is a 2-minute explanation of WHY measuring up matters and HOW the best of the best do it. *Excerpt from Fareed Zakaria GPS interview with Silicon Valley icon John Doerr

If Measuring Matters, What Should you Measure