Measure What Matters

Are you measuring what matters Here is a 2-minute explanation of WHY measuring up matters and HOW the best of the best do it. *Excerpt from Fareed Zakaria GPS interview with Silicon Valley icon John Doerr

If Measuring Matters, What Should you Measure



A new leadership generation has harnessed history. Here is “A Rap to Remember” a defining moment that will echo in eternity. The kids want answers, not fancy dancers; They’re lookin’ for a hero,  that’s when she showed – stoppin’ the jive, savin’ some lives; You know the score, been there before, […]

STRATEGIC ACTION: A Seamless System for Superior Results

Smart Strategic Action improves strategy, focus, speed, and engagement. The GEO System™ achieves this with A-to-Z principles, processes, and tools.   Origins of The GEO System™ Over a decade ago, I saw the handwriting on the wall. Strategic thinking, planning, and action based on the assumption of stable conditions and linear […]

STRATEGIC ACTION | A Seamless System for Superior Results |

COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE | The many are smarter than the few | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell Insights

How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Smarter Strategic Thinking

The many are smarter than the few. That is why leaders should tap the COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE of large, diverse groups. This approach will deliver smarter strategic thing and more energized engagement. I’ve been hearing a tone of serious concern from leaders about the state of strategic thinking. Consider these startling statistics: […]

EXPEDITE EXECUTION: Align Around A Seamless Action Architecture

In our warp-speed world, LAGGARDS LOSE. The more time you take to execute, the lower your probability of success. Whether you are a seasoned leader at the top or an emerging leader on the way up, executing effectively is paramount. If you have concerns in this area, you’re not alone. […]

EXPEDITE EXECUTION_Align Around A Seamless Action

"Generation-We" Is Rising: Our Future Is In Good Hands |

A New Generation of Leaders is Rising: The Future Is In Good Hands

How is leadership evolving? Look closely at the values of the New Generation of Leaders for the answer. “Just as history shapes generations, so do generations shape history.” ~ Generation Waking Up A New Generation of Leaders Is Nudging History The March for Our Lives organized by survivors of the […]