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LELAND RUSSELL founded GEO Group Strategic Services to cultivate 21st Century Leadership. Today, he helps exceptional leaders shape smart solutions and accelerate superior results with powerful, proven methods.

Leland has built a stellar performance track record with a wide range of Fortune 500 organizations, mid-size firms, and non-profits. His typical clients are CEOs, business leaders, and mission-critical teams.

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Leland Russell-Virtual Facilitation

Leland has been a pioneer in leveraging technology to accelerate action He has deep expertise in virtual facilitation for cross-boundary strategy-making and fast, aligned execution. Using the Collective Intelligence System he designed, Leland helps leaders orchestrate important initiatives


Leland co-Winning_In_FastTtime_Bookauthored Winning In FastTime®, which has been endorsed by many top corporate and non-profit executives, senior military leaders, and best-selling authors.  

Since its publication, Winning In FastTime® methods have been successfully implemented by hundreds of leaders in the Fortune 500, mid-size firms and non-profits. Leland’s forthcoming book, Nine Magic Mindsets for Winning In FastTime®, will be released in 2017.



















Leland has produced many high-impact leadership programs and workshops. His video program about mastering change, The GEO ParadigmTearing Down The Walls, has been licensed by over 1000 organizations worldwide for use as a leadership development tool.


TI Tomorrow

The web-based platform Leland designed to catalyze innovation in Texas InstrumentsTI Tomorrowwas a finalist for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award that recognizes “the most important applications of information technology to society” each year.


A Day In The Future

EastWest Institute engaged Leland to design a special one-day ‘horizon thinking’ event for The Worldwide Security Conference. The conference was held in Brussels, Belgium, and was co-sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, World Customs Organization, and The EastWest Institute.

The event Leland designed explored ways to accelerate solutions to some of our greatest human security threats. With Dr. Greg Austin, the Director of the Global Security program at The EastWest Institute, Leland co-authored the monographA Day In The Futurethat set the context for the event.

Dale Peifer at ADITF (Brussells)


Below are other examples of Leland’s custom programs and workshops

BellSouth Leadership Institute engaged Leland to design and produce three video-supported learning programs for its executive education series, “Our Competitive Marketplace”. The programs included interviews with the BellSouth’s Chairman and other top leaders, as well as the top five analysts on Wall Street. The program Leland produced was used to cascade a strategic change message throughout the BellSouth organization.

General Motors engaged Leland to create a customized version of his leadership video, “Tearing Down The Walls”, for use in a company-wide change initiative. This program was delivered by in-house staff in a series of workshops which reached 57,000 GM managers.

Hewlett-Packard engaged Leland to design and produce a large-scale, interactive meeting for its top 350 executives. The meeting utilized 120 networked laptop computers to gather in-depth information and facilitate all executives interacting with the CEO in real-time, thought leader presentations via satellite from Europe, and a variety of immersion mediaaudio, video, and panoramic scenes of HP’s history.

The Health Forum, a leading-edge healthcare think tank, engaged Leland to collaborate on and package a national leadership study sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company. Leland took the results of the research and created a  video-based leadership program“Bridging the Leadership Gap: GEO in Healthcare.”  Leland wrote and narrated the program which was widely distributed and used by hundreds of healthcare organizations across the U.S for their internal leadership workshops, board retreats, and stakeholder meetings.

Texas Instruments (“TI”) engaged Leland for four major projects over a two-year period. The projects included:

  • A “media immersion experience” to introduce TI’s new vision at their annual global leadership conference
  • A strategic communications cascade program for worldwide distribution with leadership video interviews conducted by Leland with TI’s Chairman, CEO and other top leaders in Dallas as well as in England, Japan, France and Germany
  • A series of fourteen “Innovation Insights” video modules, which were the foundation of a year-long series of leadership workshops with TI’s top 300 leaders
  • An online knowledge navigation system to accelerate innovation worldwide, “TI Tomorrow—A Space to Create Our Future.” That system was a finalist for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award, which recognizes “the most important applications of information technology to society” each year.


If you are interested in a custom program or workshop, connect with Leland.

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