GEO SYSTEM™ for Leading Faster, Smarter Strategic Action

Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal requires a fully integrated approach. The GEO System™ achieves this with a seamless set of principles, processes, and leadership practices. 

GEO System for Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell


Leading Strategic Action: Sustaining Success Is No Mean Feat

Almost every leader today faces a daunting task: sustaining success in a complex, rapidly changing environment. Most leaders recognize that there are no silver bullets; success requires an accumulation of focused action in a strategically smart direction.

The devil is in the details. How do you build a superior approach to your unique set of challenges? How do you energize and focus your organization? How do you achieve rapid, effective execution?

Consider the predicament of one CEO. The organization’s sales growth and profitability were stagnant. A top-notched strategy firm was hired to analyze the situation and a few months later it made recommendations. The CEO liked the recommendations but was concerned about the ability of the organization to execute them.

Change management consultants were brought in to assist with the execution. For the next several months, the consultants worked with the internal staff. Significant consulting fees were incurred and hundreds of staff hours were invested in a major effort to engage the organization, yet effective execution remained a problem.

Several key strategies were not performing as planned because everyone wasn’t on the same page. Some were consciously working at cross-purposes. Decision-making and the pace of execution were behind the competitive change curve. Despite a Herculean effort, the organization continued to lose market share.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not unusual. Most studies of such strategic change efforts cite failure rates of 80-90%.

The Danger of A Fragmented Approach

There is no shortage of good theories, process models and experienced consultants that can help with strategic thinking, planning, execution, and change management. Why not take the best that each offers and apply them to your organization?

The answer can best be explained through an analogy. Suppose your goal is to build the best car in the world.  The “best parts” approach to accomplishing this would be to get different experts to help you analyze the best automobiles in the world and determine which parts are the best – the best carburetor, the best engine, the best transmission, and so on.

Once you’ve identified the best parts, you put them together.  The result is that you will have the best car in the world, right?  No, what you will have is an automobile that doesn’t work as intended for a very simple reason. While the parts may be the best individually, they were never designed to function together seamlessly as an integrated whole.

A similar phenomenon often occurs in the phases of strategic thinking, planning, and execution. You iend up with a fragmented approach that doesn’t achieve the intended result.

Leading Strategic Action: An Integrated Approach 

Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal requires an integrated approach – a comprehensive strategic action system designed to function as an integrated whole. What would happen if you had this at your disposal?

Leading Strategic Action with the Winning In FastTime approachThis was the central premise of Winning In FastTime®, the highly-acclaimed book I co-authored with John Warden. strategist for the Desert Storm air campaign. My colleagues in GEO Group built upon the leadership lessons of Desert Storm lessons with a decade of research and hands-on experience with hundreds of leaders in the Fortune 500, mid-sized firms, non-profits, and government agencies.

The book has a simple message. New circumstances require new mindsets. These three are absolutely essential: Think Strategically, Focus Sharply, Move quickly.

With these three mindsets as the foundation, my firm, GEO Group, began the multi-year development of The GEO System™ for leading strategic action in the New Normal.

Watch this 2-minute video for a quick overview. 


The GEO System™ is unique because it is a comprehensive approach that fully integrates:

  • A seamless action architecture for thinking, planning, and acting collectively
  • Customized online collaboration tools and expertly facilitated virtual processes
  • Real-time leadership development using knowledge bytes and action learning

GEO Strategic Action System (tm) for Leading Strategic Action in the New Normal | GEO Leadership } Leland Russell

This integrated approach separates The GEO System™ from the typical piece-meal strategic thinking, planning and execution.

GEO Group has developed such as system. Does it work? Leaders of big-cap, mid-cap and smaller companies, in high-tech, finance, healthcare, and many other industries, have used it to achieve rapid, dramatic results. Here are a few examples.

Performance Power: What Our Clients Say

The performance power of The GEO System™ is reflected in the benefits our clients have identified.

What Clients Say about the BENEFITS of leading Strategic Action with the GEO System (tm) | GEO Leadership | Leland Russell

Work in New Ways

“This process has changed the way I work…my attitude, my perspective, and my behaviors.” — Mike Roberts, Former President, McDonald’s Corporation

Build Better Plans

“In my 21 years in HP / Agilent, this the best business plan I’ve ever seen rolled out.” — Glenn May, Former SPG Corporate Account Manager, Agilent Technologies

Meet Aggressive Goals

“I am truly amazed by how much we accomplished in how little time. We met some very aggressive goals.” — Hardy Wentz, Former Sales Initiative Leader, Weyerhaeuser Canada

Accelerate Critical Decisions

“The online sessions accelerated our critical R&D decisions and significantly reduced our time to market.” — Barney Saunders, Former VP of Bio-Research Solutions, Agilent Technologies

Virtually Engage Stakeholders

“The System was a fast, efficient way to virtually engage more stakeholders in critical conversations.” — Phil Leupold, Regional General Manager, Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Transform Your Business.

“The System helped us transform a near extinct business into a highly profitable sale in 36 months!” — Cliff Tompkins, Founder, Prepaid Concepts Corporation


What can the GEO System™ Do for You?

By applying The GEO System™ for leading strategic action in your team or organization, you can ensure:

  • Smarter strategic thinking without wasting time
  • Sharply focused planning that leverages resources
  • Rapid implementation and fast course corrections
  • Broader, deeper engagement and commitment

One caveat. To achieve optimal results, we customize the System’s processes and tools. So, we need to understand your current situation. As a first step,  consider these questions:

  • What are your top challenges and opportunities?
  • What are some potential costs of delay in meeting them?
  • What are some potential benefits of faster results in meeting them?

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