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Leland is a Strategic Advisor, Leadership Coach, and Keynote Speaker.

GEO Group Strategic Services, the firm Leland founded in 1991, has a stellar performance track record with Fortune 500 organizations, mid-size firms, and non-profits. GEO”s typical clients are leaders and mission-critical teams.

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Leland Russell Client_Society for Science and the PublicSociety for Science & the Public (SSP) – This DC-based organization facilitates the U.S and Global Science Fairs and the Intel Science Talent Search. Leland was engaged to design and facilitate a 2-day strategic retreat of the SSP Board of Trustees that produced a comprehensive set of strategic goals and recommended lines of action.  Leland used the GEO System’s online tools for to gather input from the Trustees, who included Craig Barrett, recently retired CEO/Chairman of Intel and three Nobel Prize winners—Dudley R. Herschbach, 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Bob Horvitz, 2002 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and  Frank Wilczek, 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Leland Russell client_WILDWELL CONTROLWildWell Control, Inc. – Leland Russell was engaged by the marine division of WildWell Control, the Houston-based group had been the core team of engineers that stopped the BP oil spill. Leland conducted strategic planning and an After Action Review to capture, analyze and take action on lessons learned from the BP oil spill, which could be applied to future deepwater blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico and globally.

Leland Russell Leadership Forum for EastWest Institute_LelandRussell.comEastWest Institute engaged Leland to design A Day In The Future, a special one-day ‘horizon thinking’ forum for The Worldwide Security Conference. The conference was held in Brussels, Belgium, and was co-sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, World Customs Organization, and The EastWest Institute. The forum Leland designed explored ways to accelerate solutions to some of our greatest human security threats. Leland co-authored the monograph that set the context for the forum with Dr. Greg Austin, the Director of the Global Security program at The EastWest Institute,

Dale Peifer at ADITF (Brussells)


Leland Russell client_Regions of Climate ActionR20 – Regions of Climate Action – Leland was engaged to work with EWI to help develop a comprehensive plan for global governance for R20 Regions of Climate Action, a Geneva-based alliance of associations of regions and cities, international organizations, scientific and technical institutions, NGOs and foundations, academics, and the private sector. R20 is aimed at developing and implementing innovative energy solutions and charting a new route to a low carbon economy in unison with national governments and international institutions. R20 was launched by the state of California with some 35 other States, Provinces, and Regions from the 5 continents and the support of International organizations such as UNDP, UNEP, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, The International Energy Agency, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Aga Khan Foundation; National NGOs such as the Climate Registry, CLIMSAT; Private companies such as Veolia Environment, SNC Lavalin, EDF, Pegasus, ENERCAP

Leland Russell Bell South Leadership Program_LelandRussell.comBellSouth Leadership Institute engaged Leland to design and produce three video-supported learning programs for its executive education series, “Our Competitive Marketplace”. The programs included interviews with the BellSouth Chairman and other top leaders, as well as the top five analysts on Wall Street. The program Leland produced was used to cascade a strategic change message throughout the BellSouth organization.

Leland Russell Leadership Program for General Motors_LelandRussell.comGeneral Motors engaged Leland to create a customized version of his leadership video, “Tearing Down The Walls: The GEO Paradigm”, for use in a company-wide change initiative. This program was designed and delivered by in-house staff in a series of workshops across the U.S. which reached 57,000 GM managers.

Leland Russell Leadership Program for Hewlett Packard_LelandRussell.comHewlett-Packard engaged Leland to design and produce a large-scale, interactive meeting for its top 350 executives. The meeting utilized 120 networked laptop computers to gather in-depth feedback and facilitate all executives interacting with the CEO in real-time. Thought leaders made presentations via satellite from Europe, and HP’s history and future vision were brought to life with a variety of immersion media segments

Leland Russell Leadership Program for Health Forum_LelandRussell.comThe Health Forum, a leading-edge healthcare think tank, engaged Leland to collaborate on a national leadership study. Leland took the results of the research and created a  video-based leadership program“Bridging the Leadership Gap: GEO in Healthcare.”  Leland wrote and narrated the program, which was used by hundreds of healthcare organizations across the U.S for their internal leadership workshops, board retreats, and stakeholder meetings.

Leland Russell Leadership Program for Texas Instruments_LelandRussell.comTexas Instruments engaged Leland for four major leadership initiatives:

(1) A “media immersion experience” to introduce TI’s new vision at their annual global leadership conference

(2) A strategic communications cascade program for worldwide distribution. The program included video interviews conducted by Leland with TI’s Chairman, CEO, and other top leaders in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

(3) A series of fourteen “Innovation Insights” video modules, which were the foundation of a year-long series of leadership workshops with TI’s top 300 leaders.

(4) An online knowledge navigation system to accelerate innovation worldwide, “TI Tomorrow—A Space to Create Our Future.” That system was a finalist for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award, which recognizes “the most important applications of information technology to society” each year.


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About Leland Russell

Leland Russell accelerates strategic action with GEO Leadership™ principles, processes, and virtual tools. He is the creator of The GEO Paradigm™ and co-author of Winning In FastTime®. GEO Group Strategic Services, the firm he founded, has a stellar performance track record with Fortune 500 organizations, mid-size firms, and non-profits. Leland writes regularly about how leaders can thrive in the New Normal on his website — www.LelandRussell.com.

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