How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Smarter Strategic Thinking

The many are smarter than the few. That is why leaders should tap the COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE of large, diverse groups. This approach will deliver deeper insights and smarter solutions. Google Golden Rule: The Many Are Smarter Than The Few In a Newsweek article, “Google–Ten Golden Rules,” Google’s former chairman, Eric […]

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How to Ensure Better Business

Prediction Markets: How to Ensure Better Business Forecasting

A Prediction Market is a technology-enabled way to tap and synthesize the inspired hunches and informed guesses of a vast audience for better forecasting. “Forecasting” is a process that helps leaders deal with the uncertainties of the future. The problem with traditional approaches — analyzing past data and current trends — is […]

Foster Forethought:  Step One for Smart Strategic Thinking

FOSTER FORETHOUGHT that is deeper, broader and more frequent than ever before. This is step one for smart strategic thinking. The History of Forethought The Greek gods, according to the ancient myth, assigned two brothers the responsibility of putting life on earth—Epimetheus, whose name in Greek means Hindsight, and Prometheus, whose […]


A Brief History of Systems Thinking for 21st Century

A Brief History of Systems Thinking

The prevailing paradigm for planning and problem solving has been around for hundreds of years. It is known as “Analysis” and it emerged in the 1400s as part of the last great paradigm shift, which was the Copernican revolution in science. The essence of Analysis is reductionism: analyze things by […]

Design Thinking: How to Accelerate Your Creative Problem Solving

The most creative problem-solving come from an interplay between spontaneous and controlled thinking.This interplay is at the heart of Design Thinking. Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving for the New Normal The New Normal environment is incredibly complex. This is one reason why problems may be ill-defined or not even recognized, […]

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