THINK TOGETHER: How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Smarter Strategic Thinking

The many are smarter than the few. That is why leaders should tap the COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE of large, diverse groups. This approach will deliver deeper insights and smarter solutions. Google Golden Rule: The Many Are Smarter Than The Few In a Newsweek article, “Google–Ten Golden Rules,” Google’s former chairman, Eric […]

THINK TOGETHER_How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Smarter Strategic

DECIDE DYNAMICALLY_Jet Pilot_Speed of Interacaion with your

DECIDE DYNAMICALLY: How to Use Elastic Thinking to Make Faster, Smarter Decisions

A critical leadership practice for the New Normal is the ability to recognize new circumstances and quickly shift your perspective. John Boyd personified this skill and it made him a perennial winner in his field. Boyd revolutionized the methods of every air force in the world with his “bible” of air combat. […]

EXPEDITE EXECUTION: Align Around A Seamless Action Architecture

In our warp-speed world, LAGGARDS LOSE. The more time you take to execute, the lower your probability of success. Whether you are a seasoned leader at the top or an emerging leader on the way up, executing effectively is paramount. If you have concerns in this area, you’re not alone. […]

EXPEDITE EXECUTION_Align Around A Seamless Action

UNLOCK TRUST_Five Ways to Raise the Trust

UNLOCK TRUST: Five Ways to Raise the Trust Level and Improve Performance

Why is it a “must” to UNLOCK TRUST? When the trust level is high, you tend to get high-performance behaviors — creativity, collaboration, and aligned execution. Watch a 5-minute GEO Leadership Knowledge Byte “Five Ways to Raise the Trust Level” Why It’s  a “Must” to Raise the Trust Level The […]

Cardinal Rule #6_ CULTIVATE Culture -

CULTIVATE CULTURE: 6 Essential Characteristics for 21st Century Organizational Cultures

The FUTURE IS NOT AN OPTIONAL EVENT. Everyone will attend. Who will be the WINNERS? It will be those who have GLOBAL EYES that see the whole;  who meet the challenge of TIME COMPRESSION; who deal with DANGERS proactively; who seize OPPORTUNITES with confidence; who tap COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE to make smart […]

LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY: How to Use Technology to Energize Engagement and Build Consensus

When our Board used a technology-enabled planning approach, we achieved more than anyone thought possible. ~ Shelly Wilsey, Director, International Leadership Association   Technology-Enabled Planning: A Way to Energize Engagement and Rapidly Build Consensus One of the aspects of my role as Director of the International Leadership Association (ILA) that I love […]

TECHNOLOGY-ENABLED PLANNING_How to Use Technology to Energize Engagement and Build

Learning How to Learn_The Value of SPACED

LEARN RELENTLESSLY: The Forgetting Curve and the Value of Spaced Repetition

“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” ~  Eric Hoffer To thrive in a world of accelerating change, we must continually explore new realities (for situational awareness) and expand our repertoire of knowledge and […]

MASTER MINDFULNESS: Stop the Noise and Listen to the Whispers

MASTER MINDFULNESS because this leadership practice is your foundation for winning in the New Normal. A wealth of new research has confirmed its many benefits. Whispers are always messages, and if you don’t hear the message, the message turns into a problem. And if you don’t handle the problem, the […]

Listen to the Whispers - A Best Practice for 21st Century Leadership