NINE CARDINAL RULES for 21st Century Leadership

Nine Cardinal Rules for Meeting 21st Century Leadership Challenges

A CARDINAL RULE is a practice of supreme importance for 21st Century Leadership. Click on the TEXT BELOW EACH RULE for all of its related articles.

Cardinal Rule 1 - Lead Strategically

Organizations may or may not have the deepest pockets, or the latest and greatest tools, or even the most qualified and educated people. But invariably they have one thing in common— exceptional executives who LEAD STRATEGICALLY.

Cardinal Rule 2 - Leverage Technology

Can technology save leadership time and increase leadership effectiveness? The answer is YES, in many ways.  One Best Practice for 21st Century Leadership is to LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY to seamlessly blend virtual and face-to-face planning meetings.

Cardinal Rule 3 - Think Together

THINK TOGETHER in groups with the right attitude and process. You will generate more intelligent insights and smarter solutions than you could by yourself or with an elite few. This Best Practice for 21st Century Leadership is called “Tapping Collective Intelligence.”

Cardinal Rule 4 - Unlock Trust

Leaders in every field at every level should monitor their trust levels. Why? High trust organizations vastly outperform low trust ones.That why UNLOCK TRUST is an essential 21st Century Leadership competency.

Cardinal Rule 5 - Decide Dynamically

A prerequisite for successful 21st Century Leadership is the ability to DECIDE DYNAMICALLY. This means making faster, smarter decisions by rapidly recognizing new circumstances and quickly shifting your perspective.

Cardinal Rule 6 - Connect ConsciouslyStrong relationships are essential for successful 21st Century Leadership. Take the time to CONNECT CONSCIOUSLY with your inner self and with the people you encounter. This will help you develop healthy emotional habits and enrich your relationships.

Cardinal Rule 7 - Cultivate Culture

CULTIVATE CULTURE means nurturing the mental norms — mindsets, values, assumptions, etc.— that shape the way people behave and run the organization. A Best Practice for 21st Century Leadership is always looking for opportunities to improve your current culture to increase satisfaction and performance.Cardinal Rule 8 - Master Mindfulness

MASTER MINDFULNESS is about being: (a) fully present in the moment; (b) aware of where you are, what you’re doing, and why; (c) not over reacting to what’s going on around you. In short, it means waking up from auto-pilot behaviors and being sensitive to your everyday experiences.

Cardinal Rule 9 - Learn Continuously

No matter how smart you are and how much you know, LEARN MORE. Be the very best that you can be by relentlessly expanding your knowledge and skills. The more you acquire, the more value you can offer to your colleagues, friends, and family. And that places you in an upward spiral of growth and emotional well being.

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